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To avoid spam votes we have ensured individuals must be registered, must have at least one deposit, must have made at least one trade in any of our markets and must have minimum of 200 SATX to be able to place votes and add coins to the vote list. Adding coins requires minimum of 1000 SATX in your account. Each user can vote up to 5 times monthly.

MUXE (MUXE)4th November483 Vote
Ferm Real Mining Coin (FRMC)12th August261 Vote
Oratium (ORT)3rd November157 Vote
Noxbox (NBX)7th August79 Vote
Orkit Coin (ORKIT)29th October75 Vote
Quantum Node (Qnode)7th November40 Vote
Cinema token (CINEMA)17th November30 Vote
STEEM (STEEM)20th July28 Vote
AmethystCoin (AMSC)30th October21 Vote
Ezoow (EZW)2nd November19 Vote
X12 New (X12N)3rd October18 Vote
cpsoin (cps)27th September12 Vote
FERMA (FERMA)21st July11 Vote
TronClassic (TRXC)15th July11 Vote
Nitrogen (Nitro)14th September10 Vote
Bitcoin Private (BTCPrivate)1st August10 Vote
Topinvestmentcoin (TICO)18th September10 Vote
Adamanter (ADAM)3rd November10 Vote
CryptoSoul (SOUL)30th July10 Vote
BOSTOKEN (BOS)12th July8 Vote
Poverty Eradication Coin (PEC)14th September8 Vote
Bitmxittz (BMXT)30th July5 Vote
Pulsar (PLSR)1st August5 Vote
Calypso (CLP)31st October5 Vote
BITCOIN NANO (BTNA)5th August5 Vote
ARBITRAGE (ARB)31st October5 Vote
Marycoin (MC)19th July5 Vote
RedCab (REDC)27th October5 Vote
CreaEther (CETH)29th August5 Vote
Cashpayz Token (CPC)19th November5 Vote
Bitcoin Protocol (BTP)18th July4 Vote
AyuCoin (AYU)15th September4 Vote
Exhibit Token (EXBT)18th October3 Vote
Peony (PNY)21st July3 Vote
Allsafe (ASAFE2)21st July3 Vote
FunKoin (FNK)24th October2 Vote
BitCoin ONE (BTCONE)17th July2 Vote
ADPOWER (ADP)30th September1 Vote
Powerbank (PBK)10th September1 Vote
Oncology Coin (ONC)17th October1 Vote
SANCOJ (SANC)17th July1 Vote
Tsunami (TSU)22nd July1 Vote
NESTFAME (NSF)28th September1 Vote
Syiling (SEN)15th September1 Vote
WaveLengthXash (WLX)11th July0 Vote
DeltaChain (DELTA)12th July0 Vote
Contractium (CTU)12th July0 Vote
ZeroChain Network (ZCHAIN)14th July0 Vote
VergeClassic (XVGC)14th July0 Vote
CampingCoin (CAPC)15th July0 Vote

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The New Public Coin (TNPC)
19th Nov, 18:29
Cashpayz Token (CPC)
19th Nov, 18:19
Strategic token (STRT)
17th Nov, 13:20
Cinema token (CINEMA)
17th Nov, 12:28
Quantum Node (Qnode)
7th Nov, 23:04
4th Nov, 21:48
Adamanter (ADAM)
3rd Nov, 22:41
Oratium (ORT)
3rd Nov, 12:19
Ezoow (EZW)
2nd Nov, 06:32
31st Oct, 18:06