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To avoid spam votes we have ensured individuals must be registered, must have at least one deposit, must have made at least one trade in any of our markets and must have minimum of 200 SATX to be able to place votes and add coins to the vote list. Adding coins requires minimum of 1000 SATX in your account. Each user can vote up to 5 times monthly.

ZeroChain Network (ZCHAIN)14th July1 Vote
NOAH coin (NOAH)23rd July1 Vote
CampingCoin (CAPC)15th July1 Vote
CryptoSoul (SOUL)30th July1 Vote
CoinToGo (2GO)1st October1 Vote
Hancoin (HAN)1st October1 Vote
VertcoinCash (VTCH)25th August1 Vote
Bitcoin Protocol (BTP)18th July1 Vote
DeltaChain (DELTA)12th July0 Vote
AgesToken (Agstn)15th July0 Vote
WaveLengthXash (WLX)11th July0 Vote
Bitball (BTB)16th July0 Vote
Bankcoin Cash (BKC)16th July0 Vote
Primebank Coin (PMC)17th July0 Vote
Seln (XSEL)17th July0 Vote
SpesCoin (SPES)17th July0 Vote
Flakechain (XSF)18th July0 Vote
Mechanix Token (MMX)18th July0 Vote
Qwerty token (QRY)19th July0 Vote
Marycoin (MC)19th July0 Vote
eRupee (e₹)20th July0 Vote
Centrality neo (CEN)21st July0 Vote
Digital Money BIts (DMB)21st July0 Vote
AKB48 (AKB)21st July0 Vote
MBCasg (MBCASH)21st July0 Vote
Bitsum (BSM)21st July0 Vote
Peony (PNY)21st July0 Vote
PRiVCY (PRiV)21st July0 Vote
Tsunami (TSU)22nd July0 Vote
Jumpcoin (JUMP)22nd July0 Vote
Hawaii (HWI)23rd July0 Vote
FairCoin (FAIR)25th July0 Vote
Puttu (PUTTU)26th July0 Vote
MetaMorph (METM)27th July0 Vote
StrongHands (SHND)29th July0 Vote
Callisto Network (CLO)26th July0 Vote
Ethereum Monero (EXMR) (EXMR)28th July0 Vote
BioCoin (Bio)31st July0 Vote
Kashkoin (KHK)3rd August0 Vote
ASTATO (ASTO)3rd August0 Vote
HerVall (HRV)3rd August0 Vote
ERC20_MIST (MSI)4th August0 Vote
AXE COIN (AXE)6th August0 Vote
PAKOCOIN (PAKO)5th August0 Vote
valenciacoin (vla)9th August0 Vote
Sibcoin (SIB)9th August0 Vote
Noucoin (NC)12th August0 Vote
Ferm Real Mining Coin (FRMC)12th August0 Vote
TaurusPay (TAPT)12th August0 Vote
Taler (TLR)13th August0 Vote

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Oncology Coin (ONC)
17th Oct, 01:20
16th Oct, 04:41
Cyber Movie Chain (CMCT)
16th Oct, 00:54
Web Innovation PH (WEBN)
9th Oct, 13:09
Rainbow Token (RNBT)
8th Oct, 11:36
X12 Coin (X12)
6th Oct, 10:14
Aracle (ARC)
6th Oct, 09:27
X12 New (X12N)
3rd Oct, 05:03
2nd Oct, 20:14
Radium (RAD)
1st Oct, 20:41