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Fees and Payments

Trading Fees

All trades/market orders on SatoExchange will incure a fee of 0.2% of the base market pair coin

0.2% trading fee

Deposit Fee


Withdrawal Fees

Following are the withdrawal fees as at now. This is subjected to change depending on the blockchain requirments

Coin nameWithdrawal Fee
Bitcoin (BTC)0.00100000
Ethereum (ETH)0.01000000
Litecoin (LTC)0.01000000
Tether ERC20 (USDT)5.00000000
Dogecoin (DOGE)3.00000000
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)0.00100000
DigitalCash (DASH)0.01000000
Ripple (XRP)0.25000000
ReddCoin (RDD)0.50000000
Ethereum Classic (ETC)0.10000000
ZCash (ZEC)0.00100000
Electroneum (ETN)5.00000000
EOS (EOS)1.00000000
Vechain (VEN)1.00000000
Populous (PPT)1.00000000
OmiseGo (OMG)1.00000000
Tron (TRX)1.00000000
Dentacoin (DCN)50.00000000
Kin (KIN)100.00000000
Dent (DENT)1000.00000000
Fujinto (NTO)1000.00000000
NANJCOIN (NANJ)1000.00000000
ICON Project (ICX)1000.00000000
Aeternity (AE)1000.00000000
Brat (BRAT)2000.00000000
Bitair (BTCA)2000.00000000
Earth Token (EARTH)2000.00000000
XRT Token (XRT)500.00000000
SatoExchange Token (SATX)200.00000000
Kayicoin (KAYI)50.00000000
Healthy Coin (HLCN)100.00000000
Ethernet Cash (ENC)500.00000000
Waves (WAVES)0.01000000
HELP token (HELP)100.00000000
Bitcoin Galaxy (BTCG)200.00000000
AREAL (AREAL)100.00000000
Storiqa (STQ)100.00000000
Ubex (UBEX)100.00000000
Bitcoin Private (BTCP)0.50000000
Web Innovation (WEBN)1000.00000000
Russian Hiphop (RHH)200.00000000
RedCab (REDC)20.00000000
BNB (BNB)0.50000000
Topinvestment coin (TICO)1.00000000
USD Coin (USDC)1.00000000
nDEX (NDX)500.00000000
Ace Casino (CASI)100.00000000
preCharge (PCPie)1000.00000000
0xProject (ZRX)10.00000000
AXAI (AXAI)1000.00000000
CharityToken (CTIN)24000.00000000
Basic Attention Token (BAT)10.00000000
Ethereum lite cash (XLC)24000.00000000
VotePoints (POINT)1000.00000000
Coin4Cast (C4C)1000.00000000
Cryptlo (CLO)1000.00000000
PlusToken (PLUS)1.00000000
Stellar (XLM)0.01000000
Swap (SWAP)1000.00000000
Door of Future (DOF)1000.00000000
Cloverdex (CLDX)1000.00000000
Investacoin (INV)1000.00000000
Bitnetcoin (BNC)10.00000000
iC2S Rewards Token (iC2S)1000.00000000
PictureEX (PIC)1000.00000000
Tranium (TRM)1000.00000000
Bitball (BTB)1000.00000000
Alpha token (A)250.00000000
Herbalist Token (HERB)1000.00000000
RedPill (RPIL)1000.00000000
Diamond Exchange Token (DET)2.00000000
GrafenoCoin (GFNCASH)1000.00000000
Knekted (KNT)20.00000000
electrumdark (ELD)20.00000000
Pangea Arbitration Token (XPAT)100.00000000
FREEcoin (FREE)100.00000000
Sparkpoint (SRK)1000.00000000
ClapClap Token (CCT)1000.00000000
Free Crypto Lotto (FCL)1000.00000000
Single Productive African Coin (SPAC)10.00000000
Qredit (XQR)0.05000000
Gravel Coin (GRVC)100.00000000
Paypite (PIT)1000.00000000
Dream Cloud (DREAM)1000.00000000
InziderX (INX)1000.00000000
FingerPrint (FGP)1000.00000000
Helenex (HELX)1000.00000000
Gulfcoin Gold (GCG)1000.00000000
Dtrack (DTK)1000.00000000
ETHplode (ETHplo)1000.00000000
eCredit (ECR)1000.00000000
TRONcash (TRCX)1000.00000000
Genesis (GEN)1000.00000000
Belifex (BEFX)1000.00000000
Discoin (DSCN)1000.00000000
CashPayz Token (CPC)1000.00000000
Globo Token (GLO)1000.00000000
SWTCoin (SWAT)1000.00000000
Chaindap (CDTN)1000.00000000
TrueUSD (TUSD)5.00000000

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