Read and Accept ICO Hosting Terms

Last Updated: 18 Nov, 2019


We are glad to announce that SatoExchange currently runs ICO services.
This means blockchain organizations will no more need to worry about ICO sales infrastructure but focus more on marketing and delivering value to their communities.
This service will help projects to host and sell ICO on the SatoExchange platform.
Some of the packages include market listing after ICO.

This service will be run on three major packages

1. Standard FREE package: 

100,000 SATX will be paid (non-refundable payment).
No BTC payment.
Listing after ICO is not guaranteed until the regular listing fee is paid. 
SatoExchange gets 15% of your sales as commission. 
Funds are only accessible after ICO distribution. 
You may incur additional charges for distribution majorly if you do not pay the listing fee after ICO.

2. Business package: 

0.075BTC for ERC20/waves assets and 0.1BTC for others (non-refundable payment). 
100,000 SATX will be paid (non-refundable payment).
Listing after ICO is guaranteed, markets opening after ICO.
SatoExchange gets 10% of sales as commission. 
Funds are accessible immediately during ICO if the pre-mine coins/tokens for the ICO has been handed over to the SatoExchange successfully. 
Distribution is automatic.

3. Premium package:

0.2BTC for ERC20/waves and 0.22BTC for others (non-refundable payment).
100,000 SATX will be paid (non-refundable payment)
Listing after ICO is guaranteed, markets opening after ICO.  
SatoExchange gets only 5% on sales.
Distribution is automatic.
Funds are accessible immediately during ICO if the pre-mine coins/tokens for the ICO has been handed over to the SatoExchange successfully.
This also includes promo by our team. We will place the link to the ICO on all market pages and we will tweet occasionally about the ICO progress and market launch status. 

ICO Rules:

The developer must provide us information about the coin including the following:
Coin/Token Name:
Coin/Token symbol:
Total supply:
In Circulation:
Market Cap:
Proof Type:
Social Contacts:
Source code:
A link to the official repository of the node, to the official coin site (if exists), to the coin explorer and provide the API with the documentation. Block explorer and wallet must be fully activated

The pre-mine coin/token for ICO must be sent to the address we will provide for payment.
5 days ICO funds holding period. During 5 days period after ICO ends, we will unlock the ICO account which holds the ICO proceeds and you will be able to take profit.
The ICO management portal provides configurable multistage ICO with different prices, caps, and bonuses without additional payment.


Click on the Host ICO button.
Read and agree to the ICO terms.
Supply the Coin/Token details. (Ensure you supply an email hosted on the project's website. Like [email protected], as this will be required for token/coin ownership verification).
Wait for admin approval within 48 hours. You will receive a verification code via the supplied email.
Supply the verification code in the provided space for verification.
Select an ICO hosting package.
Make payment accordingly.
Supply ICO configuration details.


Project owners must be aware of the following rules if the coin is eventually listed on SatoExchange after ICO/IEO:

- Unlimited supply for tokens is FORBIDDEN (fixed total supply only)
- Requests can be declined if we don't like your coin.
- Swapping your coin in the future may attract additional fees, depending on the nature of the swap
- All developer accounts in SatoExchange can be blocked with balances if the price of his coin falls by 50-90-150% because of their dump.

Note: Listing fees paid are non-refundable


We are not responsible for the honesty and integrity of the coin developers and does not guarantee the further development of the project to coin investors. Therefore, we advise every member to research ICOs before investing.