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3 in 1 C4C, CTIN and POINT Airdrops

We are glad to announce a 3 in 1 airdrops combo sponsored by Coin4Cast (C4C) (A coin/tokan market capitalization organization), CTIN (Charity Token) and SatoExchange that will be given to both new and existing members on SatoExchange.


All SatoExchange accounts (both new and existing) are eligible to receive this airdrops as there are NO restrictions from balances or trades as with previous airdrops.
Members will receive the airdrops as long as the procedures are fulfilled. NO KYC needed.

How to receive airdrops

Here are the simple steps to be eligible for airdrops (No KYC required).
Members will mainly need to follow twitter accounts of the 3 airdrops sponsors and fill in their satoexchange username and twitter username in a google form sheet that is provided below.
- Create a SatoExchange account OR use an existing one
- Follow @SatoExchange on twitter
- Follow @co4cast on twitter
- Follow @TokenCTIN on twitter
- Like Facebook page SatoExchange
- Like Facebook page Coin4Cast
- Visit Coin4Cast additional requirements page and complete task https://www.coin4cast.com/c4c_airdrop/
- Enter your SatoExchange username and twitter username on the SatoExchange Airdrops Google Form
- Wait for Airdrops distribution (Distribution will be done once, will be credited to your SatoExchane account, and will be at the end date of airdrops schedule as below)

Airdrops Coins

Members who participate in the tasks above will receive the following coins in their SatoExchange account according to the tasks completed:
- 500 Coin4Cast (C4C) - 50 C4C on both new and existing referral that participates in airdrops
- 1000 CharityToken (CTIN) - 100 CTIN on both new and existing referral that participates in airdrops
- 1 Vote Point (POINT) - no referral bonus
- Members who have not followed @SatoExchange twitter account will not receive any airdrops.
- Members who follow only one of @co4cast or @TokenCTIN will only receive the 1 POINT token and the tokens given by only the organization followed.

Airdrops Schedule

Airdrops starts immediately this news is released and will end on 31st or March or when it reaches the target of 20,000 members.
Airdrops will only be given to 20,000 members and it will immediately end if it reaches 20,000 members before the scheduled end date (31st of March)


Airdrops is a on a one-off distribution basis and there will be no reviews to your eligibility if you fail to complete airdrops process as described here.
Please read the instructions carefully and follow the process as described above and you will receive your airdrops on the distribution day.

If you already follow any of these twitter accounts you are in. No need to unfollow or follow again.

If you unfollow before the distribution date, you will be disqualified.


SatoExchange Account Team.

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