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ICO hosting service coming soon on SatoExchange

In the recent weeks we have been dedicated to bringing progress and with higher speed to our designed road map.
We are now glad to announce to you that the ICO hosting service we earlier stated is now close to completion and launching.

ICO hosting service will be live on SatoExchange from 1st of December.
This will allow all legit blockchain projects including startups to sell their ICO on SatoExchange in #BTC, #ETH and/or #SATX and they will be able to specify in which of these currencies should the ICO be sold.
With this, startups will not need to spend too much on setting up an infrastructure for ICO sales and also will assure their investors of an exchange listing right after ICO completion.

There will be some published resources on terms and conditions for the ICO hosting service soon and right before the launch of the service, which will explain in details the procedures, roles of partners, members and also of SatoExchange in the process and also other necessary details to note.

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Thank you for being there for SatoExchange.

SatoExchange Business Development Team.

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