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KazuGOLD and KazuSILVER AIRDROPS on SatoExchange

HUGE Announcement Concerning KSLV & KGLD

Dear members,

The Kazu team released some news leading on from the recent release regarding KAZU's Double Forward Fork (DFF).

On January the 21st, 13:00 (1pm) UTC, we will be taking a snapshot on SatoExchange of all KAZU coins held on members' balances at that specific moment.

These snapshots will then be used to distribute to each holder a portion of Kazucoins new Family coins, KSLV (KazuSilver) and KGLD (KazuGold).


The KSLV Distribution

Ratio 3 KSLV : 10 KAZU

The KGLD Distribution

Ratio 1 KGLD : 10 KSLV

To be ELIGIBLE to receive these new coins you will be required to hold your coins on your SatoExchange account for the snapshot. We advise you to deposit at most the day before so there are no delays. Any coins not cleared will not be eligible. We are strict on this and there will be no backtracking, The snapshot is final.

Announcement (From KAZU news)

The KAZU Core Directors have authorized the "Re-Capitalization of KazuSilver-KSLV and KazuGold-KGLD, to be issued in line with the current ratio of Gold & Silver to USD, in the event that KAZU price increases greatly between now and Double Forward Forks. The minimum prices are already set in stone KSLV $0.25 and KGLD $1.00 should price stay relatively the same between now and Forks"
Currently the ratio between 1 USD and 1 oz. Silver is approximately 15 to 1 and 1 USD to 1 oz. Gold is 1,200 to 1. A working example of the Recapitalization of KSLV and KGLD to KAZU would look something like this: If KAZU price increases to 1,000 satoshis
1 KAZU = 15 KSLV - (KSLV issue price = $0.57 usd)
1 KAZU = 1,200 KGLI) (KGLD issue price - $45.60 usd)

SatoExchange Additional KazuSilver (KSLV) Airdrops

We will inline with the above announced airdrops provide also KSLV coins to SATX holders in the following ratio:

3 KSLV per 1000 SATX held on members' account at the same snapshot moment.

Please NOTE: You will receive 3 KSLV per 1000 SATX such that if you have less than 1000 SATX you will get no KSLV for this additional airdrops. The system will give 3 KSLV on every 1000 SATX and ignore remainders. ALSO NOTE that this will be awarded only on your SATX available balances and not the ones placed on orders.

For KSLV and KGLD given based on KAZU, you will get ratios on all coins you have including those on orders, but for SATX rewards you will only get bonuses on SATX available balances.

Snapshots will be taken at the same moment and there is no any other eligibility criteria and as mentioned above, there will be no backtracking. The snapshot is final.

Additional KazuGold (KGLD) airdrops

We will announce the procedures for SatoExchange's additional KGLD airdrops soon. Please follow our various update channels to keep update.

Thanks and regards,

SatoExchange Business Team.


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