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Now Lower Withdrawal Fees

According to our promises, we are glad to announce that we have dropped down up to 50% lower withdrawal fees on over 40 currencies on the exchange including Bitcoin.

As the exchange grows we will periodically drop fees and increase earnings for our traders.

Bitcoin withdrawal fee was dropped from 0.001 BTC to 0.0005 BTC

Tokens whose withdrawal fees could be paid with SATX have also got their withdrawal fees dropped from 1,000 SATX to 500 SATX.
This will also regularly happen as the SATX price rises.


Next month (May 2019) is the first anniversary of SatoExchange and we assure you that the team is putting plans in place to create activities and bounties that will both be highly rewarding for SatoExchange members and also increase the price and volume of SATX. We encourage our members to buy some SATX at this early stage and hodl.

Please follow our news/update channels to keep in the loop.

Regards SatoExchange Team.

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