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Introducing SatoExchange Labs

Introducing the SatoExchange Labs

We are a creating a branch of SatoExchange that we believe will impact greatly the future of blockchain technology.
This group will purely be comprise of volunteer blockchain engineers, programmers in all languages and fields, data analyst, database management experts, graphics designers and all other relevant fields in information technology will be driven towards the cause of research and innovations in the blockchain industries.

This group will not only focus on SatoExchange Trading platforms but will address all issues related to crypto currency trading, blockchain technologies, contracts and tokens technologies, DEX, security / privacy, and all other relevant topics in the blockchain sphere.

We will create several groups for meetings and discussions.

Proposed channels include: Telegram and Slack.

Suggestions will be welcome by the members.
The Leadership of this group will strictly be from members of the group and not SatoExchange core staff.

Projects will be hosted on github and every member of the group will contribute actively to all the research / innovation projects.

We will have a branded t-shirt for this group and this will be designed as we proceed with group establishment.

This IDEA is new and from the SatoExchange core dev team, we are willing to give it full support.

Please for now follow our new twitter handle @satoexchangelab

Thanks and Regards.

SatoExchange Dev Team.

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