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SATX Distributions Update.

SATX Distributions Update.

Thanks to all for your patience and cooperation.

We are currently on the distribution phase and opening of withdrawal for SATX holders. For the distribution to take place, we are going to verify all holders (except ICO investors) because we oberserved multiple accounts and bots airdrops spam which are against our airdrops policies. For all multiple accounts and bots dectected, bonuses will be wiped out and burnt on the blockchain. 

Please note: All ICO investors will be automatically excempted.

Our dev team has finalized the procedures for SATX withdrawals.

After the verification process, withdrawals will be opened for SATX and members can choose to withdrawal their SATX to private Ethereum wallet addresses.

For this we give next 7 days for verification. Bonuses for policy violators detected will be wiped out on 29th August and SATX withdrawals will be activated on 30th August.

ICO Update

Due to the current ICO sales rate, the ICO end date may be extended. Please wait for news release on this and bear with us.


SatoExchange Account Team.

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