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SATX Withdrawals now active

After the earlier scheduled internal verification of airdrops accounts, we have finally activated the withdrawals for SatoExchange Token (SATX).

Accounts Verification Report

We have screened accounts with all analytical assets we have and we have ensured spam accounts have been dealt with.

Please note that we put our best in ensuring no real accounts or ICO investors would be affected trying to keep our promises in this regard.

After verification we have recovered a total of 1,667,020 SATX and we have burnt this on the blockchain according to our promises.

Find the transaction for this here https://etherscan.io/tx/0x90313e1dfbc0e3c6ad6fd1a775ad1f57eeabf3fddab3e1d6039ee8f60c8a28bd#decodetab

After the burn the SATX total supply then reduced to 298,332,979 SATX. Additional 1 SATX was burnt for simulation/test purposes.

We hope that this will be part of our numerous strategies to prevent dump of the token and increase returns for investors.

We will occasionally burn tokens to improve the price of the SATX token and take it to the moon in nearest few months. We hope this is a good news for investors and token holders.

Withdrawals note:

Please note that it is not compulsory to withdraw your SATX as it is safe to leave it in your SatoExchange account and trade it anytime you want once trade is open. However you may want to withdraw to any compatible ethereum wallet address.

Also note that you should only withdraw to ethereum address of which you have the keys to access. If you send to ethereum addresses provided by other exchanges that have not listed SATX, you may not be able to recover your tokens and we will not be held responsible for it.

Find the contract details of the SATX token here https://etherscan.io/token/0xe96f2c381e267a96c29bbb8ab05ab7d3527b45ab

SATX ICO and Market opening update

Due to the current ICO purchase rate, we have decided to conclude the second phase of the ICO on 31st August and extend the final ICO end date to 15th September. This means the 3rd Phase (Phase 2 (General) sales) will start on 1st September and end on the 15th September to mark the close of the ICO.

Markets for the SATX token will then be active from 16th September, 2018.

We have extended ICO date to ensure more people have the opportunity to invest and benefit from the huge profit that will follow.

This third phase will sell at $0.20 and will come with 10% for all purchases.

We assure you that we have plans to make all investors benefit enough from the project. Your feedback are always welcome via our support channel at https://support.satoexchange.com


SatoExchange Dev & ICO Team.

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