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Vote Points now added as a token

VotePoint (POINT)

We are glad to announce the launch of the VotePoints token on the exchange.

This is the token with which votes can be purchased.

Vote Power

1 VotePoint (POINT) = 1 vote.

Basic Use

This token will enable members to vote as much as possible for a coin in addition to the free 5 votes per month after fulfilling the criteria as described in the voting terms.

VotePoint is a virtual token. This means it cannot be withdrawn nor deposited. However it can be traded for profit and retains all the usefulness of other tokens on the exchange.

How to get VotePoint

VotePoint can be purchased from the market or by performing tasks that might be announced as airdrops tasks to earn POINTS.

VotePoint has been listed in 5 market pairs


Votes Validity

Votes accrued by vote points are regarded as valid votes.

According to our terms on free votes, if a coin emerges winner with false free votes (that is votes from creation of multiple accounts virtually form the same IP or location), the coin will not be listed. But purchased votes are not in anyway regarded as spam. Therefore the VotePoints creates opportunities for coin owners or members in general to vote their favorite coins for listing without committing the multiple account spam crime.

Happy voting!

SatoExchange Dev Team.

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